Gun Control and the US

Gun Control and the US

Gun Control and the US

Off lately, there has been a rising concern over the increasing number of shootings that kill innocent lives, which has in turn triggered a strong debate over the gun control laws and regulations in the US. So, here are a few frequently asked questions on the trending topic that have been enlisted for you to help gain insight into the current state of gun control laws in the country.

Q. What are the State and Federal government’s regulations regarding firearms?

A. Where it is up to the state and local governments to regulate whether or not people can carry guns in public, it is at the federal level that the laws regarding who can get or own a gun are regulated.

Q. Is there any background checks needed to buy a firearm?

A. Yes. As per the amendment to the 1968 Gun Control Act, one requires to go through a background check to purchase a firearm. This process calls out to fill a form (ATF 4473) by the potential firearm buyer, to go through a background check.

Q. Do states need permits to carry firearms?

A. Where most of the US states call for permits to carry handguns, the rules regarding concealed carry and open carry differ from one state to another, with surprisingly no requirement for permit to carry rifles and shotguns.

Q. What does it mean by the gunshow loophole?

A. The fact that not every person giving the gun in a transfer needs an FFL saves him or her from a background check. This is something that can put the gun into the hands of a person who would be otherwise not allowed to legally own a firearm.

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