Head's still spinning from the press conference

That Trump press conference. Hoo boy, where to begin? How about with the understatement of the year (so far)?

It wasn't THAT bad...was it?

Some actual things that came out of 45's mouth:

  • Continuously talked about his bigly, yuuuuuge victory and how it was the greatest electoral college win since Reagan (uh, numbers from any number of legit sources who know how to count on more than two hands say otherwise)
  • 73not fair74
  • Asked April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, if members of the Congressional Black Caucus are friends of hers (because clearly all Black people know each other)
  • Talked about Alexander Acosta (aka Mr. Allegedly Why You're Having This Presser) less than he talked about how mainstream media is out to get him
  • Pundits left, right, and center were all like:

    This Twitter moment tells the tale pretty well:

    When Fox News says you're cray...

    In conclusion, we like to think we know a garbage fire when we see one: