Health Review: Is Dark Chocolate good for health?  

Health Review: Is Dark Chocolate good for health?  

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I’m Jane, and I simply love eating. I love all sorts of dishes especially sweets. I’m also big on chocolate as chocolates are the easiest way to make me happy.

Health Review: Is Dark Chocolate good for health?  

As much as people say chocolates are bad for health, a lot of medical experts beg to differ. In fact, dark chocolates have a lot of health benefits which not a people know about.

In my opinion, everyone should have a bit of dark chocolate on a daily basis not just because they are highly nutritious and make you happy but also because it has a lot of antioxidants and improves the heart rate in the body.

I’ve always had parents and relatives scold me for always overindulging in chocolate. While they weren’t wrong as I was going overboard with the consumption of chocolates but they are sometimes wrong for turning a blind eye to the numerous benefits dark chocolate is known to have.

I’d always tell my mom to make me a dark chocolate smoothie but she’d rather have me drink bitter gourd juice than have me consume dark chocolate in any form.

Brands like Lindt, Pascha, Alter Eco, Taza, Green & Black, Pure 7, and more are prime examples of brands that sell authentic dark chocolates. I’ve been including a fair portion of dark chocolate in my diet and observing considerable results. Though I sometimes over eat chocolates, where is the fun in doing something you love if you don’t overdo it? 

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