Exercise - An Important Aspect of Health

Life is a busy road and most of the time we don’t have time to work on ourselves. And with age we tend to slow down and lead a sedentary lifestyle. You may think that exercise is not for you but as you start aging, leading an active lifestyle becomes an important part of your health. According to me staying active is no science. Getting active is one of the healthiest decisions you can make. The following list of activities are exercises you’ll enjoy doing:

  • Balance

    It maintains the posture and your ability of standing. You gain confidence by this balancing exercise.

  • Cardio

    The exercises of cardio pump your heart continuously. The major cardio exercises include cycling, climbing, dancing, swimming and hiking. It helps you with fatigue and promotes endurance for daily activities like cleaning, walking etc.

  • Power training

    The exercises are done at full speed to increase the power of the muscles. It helps to prevent loss of bone mass and improves the balance of the body. It has a major impact in increasing your speed especially the reaction time. An increased strength will help you with daily activities like getting out of the car, opening the pressure cooker and lifting heavy objects.

  • Flexibility

    It allows your joints to move freely. It is done through stationary stretches. An excellent means to improving flexibility is yoga. It helps you with the ordinary physical activities like shampooing your hair, tying your shoes and playing with kids.

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