Heat Therapy or Ice Therapy: What Should You Apply for Your Pain?

Injuries are a part of our daily struggles. Whether it is workplace-related injuries, a muscle pull, gout flare-ups, headaches, strains, sprains or arthritis, treating pains with heat or ice is a common solution. Evidently, ice and heat are natural ways of alleviating pain.

If you are not sure what’s suitable for your pain, let me share some value tips to help you treat your condition effectively.

  • Heat Therapy

    Heat therapy works by stimulating circulation and blood flow. When you apply heat on the afflicted area, your muscles gain flexibility and the damaged tissues heal. Depending on the nature of your injury, you can apply dry heat or moist heat. While dry heat involves heating pads, moist heat includes steamed towels. Heat is recommended for injuries that are not swollen. When you apply heat on an open wound, it can aggravate inflammation and slow down the healing process. Chronic pain, arthritis, muscle injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain can be treated with heat.

  • Ice Therapy

    Ice is mostly used in conditions like inflammation, acute pain, swelling, etc. When you get hurt, the injured area become swollen and red. Applying ice enables you to soothe blood vessels, keeping the swelling in check. People who exercise daily should use ice after working out. This will help treat swelling occurred during workouts. Besides workout-related injuries, ice can be used to treat migraines, headaches, neck and back injuries.

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