Here’s why Scarlett Johansson’s views on monogamy make sense

Here’s why Scarlett Johansson’s views on monogamy make sense

Here’s why Scarlett Johansson’s views on monogamy make senseHere’s why Scarlett Johansson’s views on monogamy make sense

Marriage puts a lot of pressure on couples, and Scarlett Johansson knows that only too well. The sexy Ghost-in-the-Shell actress has spoken out more than once about the challenges of marriage by claiming that monogamy “isn’t a natural instinct for human beings.”

“I might be skewered for that” Scarlett added in an interview for Playboy last February. Her recent divorce to French husband Romain Dauriac proved that she isn’t just words, and perhaps marriage too isn’t as natural as we think.

Let’s not pretend we’re outraged because, of course, she’s onto something. We have been hearing the same thing from our mothers, psychologists, TV hosts and literally every authority figure out there. It’s the tired “Marriage needs work” which liberally translates as “Once you tie the knot, keep it in your pants”. And to that Scarlett agrees, as she believes that the fact that it requires so much work is exactly what makes it unnatural.

Take a look at the married folk. Things like love, commitment and exchanging sacred vows are a good basis to start building a solid, monogamous relationship. But what makes monogamy really work in the long haul is busy schedules, balding heads, bulging stomachs, and round the clock parental duties that keep us grounded.

You need something to hold you back and help you have a reality check every time you see a hottie jogging by and you think for a moment she or he smiled at you. Ultimately the feeling that being married you’re at a warm, calm and safe place prevails, and you’d rather stay there than venture a stroll out in the cold and heartless world of the single and sexy.

Of course if you have the looks and fame of Scarlett Johansson, you don’t get to stay in this comfort place for long. Being one the sexiest women on the planet, she knows more about feeling desired and admired by others, than you and me do.

Moreover, let’s be honest, even the most admirable and stable Hollywood marriages involve some occasional cheating drama. It’s part of the package.

Let’s chalk it up to being successful, well off and good looking, and not a morally corrupt human that doesn’t know what real love is. We aren’t morally superior for staying monogamous, we’re just at the right place to do so.

It seems monogamy, after all, is a fine balance among the lines of not being too attractive, too rich or too successful. So if it gets you down that your relationship is lacking in Instagram glamour and Like-worthy bodacity, think again. In relationship currency, your low key outlook is as gold as it gets. 

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