'His fame ruined my life' says Man Utd superstar Anthony Martial's ex

'His fame ruined my life' says Man Utd superstar Anthony Martial's ex

When fame comes too quickly, it burns?

ManchesterUnited striker Anthony Martial's ex Samantha Jacquelinet recently opened up about how the move to Old Trafford ruined their relationship.

Shortly after the red devils bought Martial for a whopping £58m, the young couple moved to the UK.

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Samantha also spoke little English at the time of the move to England, and struggled with caring for their newborn and adjusting to a new country.

Samantha also said: “When we split I tried to work things out. He said I only wanted him for his money.

“But he was so stingy. Anthony told me he rent a house for me. I found one outside Paris, but when I got the keys he said he was only going to give me £3,000 a month. He earns £420,000 every month.

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Leading up to the split, Anthony Martial was rumored to have cheated on Samantha with X factor star Emily Wademan in a luxury hotel.

On top of the ugly breakup and shenanigans, Martial has only managed to bag eight goals in all 26 United games since his summer move.

The couple's bitter feud on social media is also making its rounds on the internet:

Will fame and success be too much for Martial to handle? Whatever his next move is -- the world will be watching.

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