How I got the nickname ‘the scientist’ in school?  

How I got the nickname ‘the scientist’ in school?  

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I’m Alec, a science lover who has always been interested and fascinated by the subject. I’ve always been a lover of scientific inventions. Even as a kid, I would spend most part of my day with a science toolkit and other manuals doing science projects and creating models.

How I got the nickname ‘the scientist’ in school?  

When I was just 11, we were about to have a science exhibition and I decided to do something different than making just a normal scientific model.

Not too long ago I had been to a hotel where they had automated washroom taps. Not many of my friends knew that this technology existed, so I decided to add a bit of a twist to it.

I created a normal automated tap that would eject water when it senses there is a hand underneath it. I showed it to my science teacher and the principle and they were so impressed with it that they wanted it to be the first model on display. But I made an excuse and got it shifted towards the middle.

On the day of the fair when it was the turn of my class to explore the exhibition, I made some changes to the sensor and the direction of the water stream such that it would send the stream straight ahead instead of down. Any time it sensed someone was standing in front of the model, a stream of water would shoot and wet the clothes of the bystander.

Within no time, most of my friends had a wet pant and were getting laughed at by everyone. They were so embarrassed that they ran to the teacher but I changed the settings back to normal leaving them red-faced and embarrassed.

From that day, they started calling me ‘The scientist’. I always laugh at them reminding them of incident.

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