How I lost Weight in Just Three Weeks?

Obesity is the leading cause of life-threatening health diseases, which include diabetes, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, gout, gallbladder problems, sleep apnea, asthma, etc. Getting back to shape is a priority, but staying fit is more important.

I work as a marketing campaigner in a popular Television show. I’ll talk about my weight loss story in today’s post.

I hail from the television background, and staying lean and fit is essential for peak performances. I was struggling to lose those extra pounds for some time and got frustrated with fad diets. Luckily, I met with this nutritionist on the set, and things started to turn around for me. Melissa recommended a competent fitness routine, which involved effective meal planning, higher protein intake, enhanced fluid intakes, etc.

I gave up those fad diets to try out the anti-diet. I increased my protein intake by introducing tempeh, legumes, nuts, seeds etc. to my diet. Additionally, I increased my fluid intake. Drinking adequate water is the key to better metabolism.

The gym is not the only solution for losing weight. There are plenty of other worthwhile alternatives to cut out those extra pounds. As for me, I chose running. My brisk running spells in the morning helped me to keep my bodyweight in control whilst the increased blood circulation helped me deliver my optimum performance.

Losing your weight is not rocket science. All you need to ensure is your bringing discipline into your life. Plan your meal effectively and choose an exercise routine that works for you to make your weight loss goals into a reality.

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