How i never let time defeat my sprit

Hi, I am Evelyn! I am a mother of two who runs a small restaurant in New York. Today, I am independent, successful, happy, and have everything that is needed for a decent living. But there was a time in my life when everything was going upside down. 
I had two little kids, a teaching job that was not paying enough, and an alcoholic husband who was also unemployed. I was quite young, when I got divorced. That was a phase in my life, when I wasn’t sure how I would manage taking care of my children with the little money I got from my job.

But, even during that phase I remained calm and waited for better things to unfold in life. I struggled, did odd jobs, but never left hope. I believed that there will be a day when time will change and my circumstances will get better. Anyone who saw me struggling at that time didn’t believe in my conviction. It was my mother who had instilled this belief about the game of time so deeply in me that I could never part from it.

My mother was right, my time did change. Although it took many years and a lot of hard work for me to create a small food business, but the good time did arrive for me. From my personal experiences I can say that one who remains hopeful, patient, and fearless, even in the most distressing times of their life; it is no way that they will not see a better time in life in the future. The game of time is very fascinating. One day it is against you, and the other day in your stride. Only those who never give up their will are capable to defeat the prowess of time under all circumstances.