How Julianne made me fall in love with the art of painting?

How Julianne made me fall in love with the art of painting?

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I’m Monique, a 23-year-old painter who never planned on being a painter… at least not before I met Julianne.

How Julianne made me fall in love with the art of painting?

It was the summer of 2013 when my mom who was from France, enrolled me at a college in Paris. There I met this amazing street artist who would paint portraits on spot for £5 each. I stood there for an hour looking at Julianne and how invested she was in her work. Her love for painting was baffling as she never flinched for a second… she didn’t care what was going around, as all she wanted was to present something brilliant on her campus for her clients.

I was so mesmerized with her work and how effortlessly she painted my portrait that I bought a painting set, went to my hostel and spent 5 hours painting. What Julianne managed to do in an hour, I wasn’t able to do 10% of that in 5 hours.

The next day, I went to Julianne again, showing her my paintings and how I could be more like her. She told me not to worry as she took me to her house and gave me lessons. I would go there every day till I was in Paris and by the time I had to leave, I was already a professional.

Julianne helped me hone my craft and I practiced so many times that I was able to paint almost as good as Julianne though not as effortlessly.

I even enrolled in an art school and am currently studying there while also working full-time as a portrait painter to meet my financial needs.

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