How my role model helped me realize the importance of maintaining health

I’m Rudolf, 22 years of age and I live in a joint family with a lot of people to look up to me. Among all these great men and women, the one whom I always look up to the most is my grandfather.

My grandfather isn’t just my role model but he is also my guru who always helps me out by giving valuable insight into all matters of life.

One of the reasons why he is my role model is how he maintains his health. Even though he is 75 years old, he is still as active as ever. He wakes up early, goes for a walk, comes back home, and eats a healthy breakfast. Even in the evening he goes for a walk with his friends and spends some time in the park. He then comes back and has a light but healthy dinner before going to bed early.

Throughout my life, I’ve rarely seen by grandfather miss walking in the morning and evening any days (the only time he didn’t go was if it was raining). He has taught me how important it is to maintain consistency and that it isn’t necessary to always go to gyms and workout with heavy equipment to remain healthy.

With his dedication and consistency, he has shown that you can remain fit and healthy even at the age of 75. This is why he is my role model and someone whom I always look up to when it comes to health.