How Technology Helped Me During My Fresh University Days?

The day I packed my bags and left for the University, I felt like it was the biggest and most daunting step of my life. I now know that this is from the frightening realization that occurs in that first night. I was alone with complete independence. However, I was also away from the comforts of home and security of parents.

As the classes Started, students had to learn how to live and gain their education unaided. Eventually, all of us turned to technology for help. I am Alec and I can honestly say that for the last year it has been my trustworthy laptop that has raised and nurtured me.

My University provided the best programming, sites and systems to make sure that the new students can easily mature and thrive. My generation is fortunate to have been raised in a century of technology where if you don’t know how to use a mobile, a laptop or an iPad by the age of 15, it is considered bizarre.

However, there is a whole diverse world of digital information that can ease our lives, assist in our daily duties and improve our knowledge. At times, I wonder if only my grandmother had been able to discover the wonders of Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure her days would have been more fulfilling and improved much like my quality of life at University.

Gradually, the University’s burden seems to ease and I can’t stress how important the access to digital information helped me throughout my difficulties in the University.