How the Legendary Bear Grylls Became a Real-Life Hero for Me?

I’m Alec, science buff and being a science buff, I always loved watching a lot of Discovery and National Geographic in my teens. But there was something about this one particular show that intrigued me more than others. Yes, I’m talking about the most popular show on Discovery – Man vs. Wild.

Man vs. Wild is a TV show based on the survival instincts of the legendary Bear Grylls and it is telecasted on the Discovery channel. The episode usually starts with Bear Grylls being dropped to a wild location where there is a scarcity of people and a lot of challenges ahead. Bear Grylls has to evade all the challenges while hunting for food, finding a place to live, and maintaining the normal state of his body before reaching the final destination where he gets picked up by the helicopter and taken to a safe place.

The one thing that always attracted me to watch this show was the determination and survival instinct of Bear Grylls as he always found a way to get through even the hardest circumstances.

Last year, during an event I got the chance to meet this great man and he instantly won me over with his charm and down-to-earth nature. He is not just a reel hero but he is also a real-life hero. I talked to him for 5 minutes and those will always be the most memorable 5 minutes of my life.

Earlier, he used to inspire me with his knowledge, survival techniques, and handy tips during critical situations but now he also inspires me to become a humble person.