How to avoid risks without affecting employee privacy

Businesses are all about taking risks from time to time. Some take more, while some take less, but the inevitable risk of losing your company secrets remains constant among all. There are also many other risks a company has to look into before taking any drastic steps. However, with

Avoiding lawsuits

Lawsuits are said to be the worst kind of expenses that any company can face at anytime. However, the risk of cutting these down phenomenally when a company decides to install a well reputed monitoring system in the firm. This system manages to keep

Decreasing expenses

Some of the added expenses faced by companies consist of internal audits and checks done by either hiring another team of professionals or employing your own staff to do so which hinders their own existing work. However, with a monitoring application, these expenses and risks can be cut down and the money can be employed elsewhere more productively. The best way to do is by letting the employees known beforehand that they are being monitored. This way even the employees can to an extent enjoy the added perks of the monitoring application like:

• Going through back logged files that were previously discarded off the existing systems.

• Managers can keep an eye on their subordinates.

• Interns can be managed better by checking daily progresses.

Increasing employee performance

There is nothing better than getting some positive feedback from your boss. And with monitoring applications you can now easily do that especially because these systems give you a frame by frame image of the daily workings of your employees. Now you can easily see where your employees have gone way and beyond to get something done. Acknowledging based on the results acquired through the monitoring system also helps you create a positive work environment along with easy rapport with the employees. What makes this relationship even better is if you let the employees know beforehand they are being monitored and after they see you acknowledging them, start viewing the monitoring applications in favorable light rather than simple tools of prosecution. Trust will become key and they will start enjoying work thus putting in ample amounts of effort.

Catching policy violators

Sometimes, you may come across employees that act over smart believing themselves to be above the company laws, regulations and policies. They may tend to break any of these especially when they feel management is not around. And the hence derive much pleasure and exhilaration when they are not caught and penalized. With monitoring applications, you will be easily able to catch these violators and hence apply serious disciplinary measures on them. Moreover, if the employees known that they are being watched, they would be careful next time or may not even dare to try any new stunts at work that may put them in a difficult spot with their superiors.


Privacy is a well discussed and researched topic among employers today who are planning to install monitoring applications. With the age of technology although nothing is really private anymore, but doing your part in ensuring another privacy only shows that you are a concerned person. Employers nowadays go to extreme lengths to provide the adequate amount of privacy not only physically but also virtually to their employees so that they don’t feel exposed and always under the limelight. Such practices also play an integral part in ensuring employee performance at 100%.