How to Cut Down Sugar in Your Daily Meals

How to Cut Down Sugar in Your Daily Meals

How to Cut Down Sugar in Your Daily Meals

In this blog I will be sharing a few tips that really helped me cut down my consumption of sugar on a day to day basis. Keeping a check on how much sugar you consume on a daily basis is an extremely important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on your sugar is not as complicated as you may think. So just stop thinking and get started cutting down your sugar intake for a healthy body with these simple tips -

  • Cut Down Table Sugar By Half – The ideal way to reduce your sugar intake is to gradually cut down the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis to half. So, whether it is the sugar you add in your tea, coffee, cereal or pancake; try cutting your usual amount to half and with time you will eventually get used to it.
  • Swap Soda – If you are serious about cutting down your sugar intake, especially in order to reduce weight then you ought to switch soda and sugary drinks to healthier beverages that do not contain added sugar.
  • Switch Sugar with Fruits in Cereals – Another way in which you can cut down the amount of sugar in your daily meals is to replace sugar with fresh or dried fruit in your cereal or oatmeal, as it will add a sweet flavor to your meal without any added sugar.

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