How to groom a rare albino gopher

He's not just a member of the hair club for tribbles, furbies, and Wilma Flintstone.
#Trump is the chairman of the board!

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no younger man would devise this honey badger look unless he was Trump
, planning to be an older man one day with the eyes of the world on his bald self.

Others say the surgical choices that got him to this point involve hair transplants and scalp reductions and scarring. This blog says he has little donor hair left.

Donor hair.

Just be bald, dude! Losing the tan is optional.

Update: Gawker goes for a Pulitzer Prize with this investigation and turns up not only what that pelt is, who made it, and how much it costs. (It's a weave, tied to existing hair, for $60,000 and maintainance of $3000 a month.) If you have 20 minutes read the whole piece it is so fishy!