How to Poach an Egg

Eggs have always been a great source of nutrients but how to poach an egg in the breakfast when you don't know the perfect trick.

There are many tricks and tips with which you can poach an egg but make sure you are using them in the right way. The type of poaching eggs that you eat in the hotels and restaurants can be very impressive; because they know what type of poaching eggs you like to eat.

I have been cooking food for the past few years and believe me I have a record of breaking thousands of eggs. Yes, you heard me right thousands of eggs. I still remember when I first start cooking my husband asked me to make some poached eggs. I was so afraid because I never heard about how to poach an egg.

Even though I can make omelets but poaching an egg is not my thing. After making lots of effort now, I know how to poach an egg. Even my husband knows how to poach an egg.

There are lots of methods that you can try to poach an egg, but I will show you two perfect methods that you can use.

Is vinegar necessary for poached eggs?

Before I tell you the methods, I would love to answer some simple questions that most of the ladies ask from me. Is vinegar necessary for poached eggs? I would recommend that because when you add vinegar in your eggs, they would taste weird.

There is no rule that you have to add the vinegar for poaching the eggs. You can make perfect eggs without the vinegar all you need is practice and lots of courage why I have mentioned courage because If the first time it gets wrong to make sure to try it again and again.

The best tip that you can get from me is your eggs should be fresh. If you use fresh eggs, it would be easy for you to cook them. If you like vinegar and want to add it in your egg, then you can use rice vinegar because I have seen many people adding rice vinegar in their food.

Why Are Poached eggs healthy?

Eggs are a great source of nutrients and protein. So when it comes to breakfast, most people prefer to eat boiled eggs or poached eggs. Poached eggs are healthier because they are low in calories and make you active all day long.

Furthermore, these eggs cause less inflammation in your body, and you can eat them during lunch also. Eating these eggs in breakfast can help you in weight loss, and they are the best source of proteins so make sure to eat them with brown bread. How to poach an egg to get vitamin D. Poach eggs are best providers of vitamin D and are less in cholesterol.

Top two methods to make poached eggs

There are many methods through which you can make poached eggs, but here are my two perfect methods that you can try to make perfect poached eggs. Remember you must have fresh eggs when you are poaching them because it will make it easier for them to get cooked and cause less inflammation.

1# Method

1. Use two fresh eggs.

2. Crack your eggs into the saucer.

3. Add vinegar if needed.

4. Bring a pan of water and fill it at least 6-7cm deep.

5. Slowly tip the egg into the center.

6. You can cook it for about 4-5 minutes.

7. Drain the egg into the kitchen paper.


This method is easier as compared to the first one. This method is used in that case if you want to cook two eggs at once. I am sure you must be worried about how to make two eggs at a time but believe me; it's not difficult to make two eggs at a time. All you need practice and some tips.

1. Make sure you are using fresh eggs.

2. Crack the eggs into the saucepan and add some water.

3. Make sure you are not adding any salt because it will break your eggs.

4. Tip the eggs into the pan in such a way that yolk should follow the white.

5. Cook it for about 2-3 minutes and leave the pan for 8-10 minutes.

6. Drain it into the kitchen paper.

7. Your eggs are ready for breakfast.


How to make poach eggs when doesn’t know the exact tips? I am sure my article has cleared your all confusions. Make sure to follow the tips I have mentioned above to make your cooking skills even better. You can make different types of healthy recipes with poaching eggs.

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