How to Respond to Negative People

Although, there is no single trick to respond to negative people and shut them up successfully, but there are a few ways in which you can respond to them wisely for your own mental health. It is quite known that negative people not just make you feel bad and agitated, but also have a way of draining your energy. Responding to negative people without feeding their intentions is easier said than done, but in order to protect yourself from any kind of emotional harm, you need to deal with them wisely. Check out these simple hacks to deal with negative people that will help you respond to them in a wise way -

  • Every time a negative person inflicts a hurtful comment on you, try and not take it personally, as an argument with such a person will not lead you anywhere.
  • A negative person will not like to be reasoned with, so it is best that you try not to rationalize his/her behavior from your side.
  • Some people act negatively out of impulse, and this impulsiveness could be caused by work related or personal stress. So, instead to retaliating with a negative person, try and be compassionate towards them during a conversation.
  • If someone is treating you in a negative way on a frequent basis, then it is best for you to stay away from that person for the sake of your mental health.
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