“I’m the perfect drummer for your band, dude, so I'll be down on Tuesday'

“I’m the perfect drummer for your band, dude, so I'll be down on Tuesday'

“I’m the perfect drummer for your band, dude, so I'll be down on Tuesday'

When asked in an interview how the band, OHM, met Koko Bermejo, lead guitarist Chris Poland said it all started when their previous drummer left, and they needed a drummer replacement. Word quickly got out, and Chris found a note from Koko underneath his door saying, “I’m the perfect drummer for your band, dude, so I’ll be down on Tuesday.”

Chris originally met Koko in 1993, when Chris was in the valley at ARP studios playing with Bass Player Dave Randi from Damn the Machine, contemplating on his next drummer for his side project, “Ohm.” Although there were a lot of drummers in the building woodshedding all of the time, Koko was the only drummer that Chris would listen to and say, ”Wow, that’s a great drummer!” Chris described him as being different, because of Koko’s various styles of playing. Kok would do Latin music, and then change his playing to Tony Williams style. One day, Chris knocked on Koko’s door, and said, ”Hey, wanna join the band?’’ And he said “OK,” just like that.

Chris said Koko’s room was very sparse. He only had a drum set, a piano, an astray 4 feet tall full of cigarettes, and smoke everywhere. There was a picture of John Coltrane on the wall, and maybe a Starbucks coffee cup somewhere. There was so much smoke in the room that Chris had to have Koko come outside to talk. Chris asked him to meet up and jam to see if they liked the way they played together, and the rest was history.

The interviewer also asked former Ohm drum player, David Eagle about Koko. Before David joined the band, he had a studio right next to Ohm for a year, and would constantly hear the vibrations from when the band rehearsed. David would sometimes jam along with them in his own room. David said that he and Koko would always talk about music, and described him as a great person and pianist. 

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