Ignorance is a choice

It all started with an innocent-enough dinner with a Turkish friend my first month in Istanbul. At that time, I was keen to pursue a master's degree in Turkish studies, so I read and wrote a lot about Turkish politics. Originally, I thought that my Turkish friends would be happy to discuss politics with me, and I used to immediately dive right into meaty matters regarding various issues.


Until Ceren, fed up with my heavily-laced-with-judgment questions put a neat stop to it at dinner. How? By turning the questions back at me with regard to race relations in America.Or is it better to say discrimination?

How did I feel about that? She asked me pretty specific questions that I was too gobsmacked to answer. But she was spot on. It was much easier for me to study and criticize Turks for their treatment of the Kurds rather than analyze my own feelings towards black Americans and the policies both past and present toward the minorities in my native country. Touché, Ceren, touché.