Impeachment has never been so fun

Impeachment has never been so fun

The Trump administration garbage fire has been raging on for exactly 23 days now. Michael Flynn's out and before we know it the shit-gibbon himself will be escorted out of the White House (in handcuffs some may hope).

 What this asinine moment in history really needs is a proper anthem, a musical score that can soothe us through Kelleyanne's alternative facts and willful ignorance of Congressional Republicans. 

Songwriter, artist, actor, and entertainer Cymere Lasean has fortunately come to our rescue here as he is all about 115ass outta the house116 and breaks it down so perfectly in his rendition of Fergie's Glamourous. 

Check out what's being called the Impeachment Anthem below and head over to Cymere's Soundcloud to check some of his other musical musings, the dude is super talented!

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