Importance of humor in your speech: How you can develop and improve your humor

Listeners always appreciate a little humor, even during a serious speech. When done incorrectly, humor can be a massive disaster but if executed perfectly, humor will lighten up the mood and release the tension surrounding the place.


I’m Alec, a speech therapist and as a speech therapist, I can assure you that humor is a really powerful tool. While not everyone will have the potential to do a full-on humorous speech, there is no reason why you can better engage with your audience by adding some humor to your speech.

Now I’m not suggesting that every speech that you deliver should be dripping with humor. However, with occasional use of humor, you can instantly charm others.

Some benefits of adding humor to your speech include –
  • Good humor always stands out as it is memorable
  • Everyone loves laughing so if you use humor correctly, you can keep your audience engaged
  • Humor that is true to your personality will let the audience get a sense of your personality
  • I’ve had a lot of patients who had this belief that you are either born funny or you’re not funny at all. However, from my experience, I have learnt all about speech and even taught my patients how they can add humor to their speech.

    Here are some of the ways I give my patients so that they can add humor to their speech and develop their skills –
  • Identify the things that make people laugh
  • Identify the things that you already do to make others laugh
  • Start with the basics of humor
  • Understand that humor comes in the rewrite
  • You must keep working on improving your skills
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