In Pricey Hong Kong Architect Builds 100-Square-Foot 'Tube Homes'

Living inside a “space capsule” may sound fascinating in the beginning, but it’s a really bad idea, as anyone who has lived in a ridiculously small space will ever tell you.

But in the case of Hong Kong, the world’s priciest city for real estate, this might be a viable option to solve the housing crisis, claims local architect James Law.

Law’s “microhomes” are nothing more than concrete water pipes outfitted with all the amenities of a modern home,

The 100 square-foot, windowless tube includes a sofa that folds out into a bed, some shelves, a microwave and a mini-fridge, as well as a bathroom with a shower.

Half the size of a standard car garage, it’s definitely not recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia. There is, however, some natural light coming in from its main glass entrance door.

At $15,000, it is several thousand dollars cheaper than a studio in Hong Kong, whose price can typically reach $1.8 million HK dollars. ($200,000).

Like barrels of wine, the tube homes will be stacked upon each other in unused urban spaces like shipyards.

But who is crazy enough to live there?

It seems that this could potentially be an ideal investment for the city’s notorious

A least this modern capsule house offers separate toilette and the kitchenette areas, making living considerably more humane.

Law believes that the tube homes are a temporary solution to the city’s serious housing problem. Right now they’re only a prototype, but the pioneering architect hopes that he’ll be able to start building them soon.

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