'Inspiring' a Legend

'Inspiring' a Legend

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Rafa Nadal
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It's a tough call, being a #legend in your own time. And it's even more difficult when younger players come from behind you and surpass your achievements. But a measure of greatness for truly #legendary people is when they can show #generosity while still remaining #humble.

The legendary #AndreAgassi is a man who is generous with his #time, #money, #brand, and both his #criticism and #praise, when warranted. And he rarely seeks to use his #fame for himself, or to bring attention to himself for self-serving reasons. This time, he is full of the warm fuzzies for #Rafa #Nadal. 

Once competitors, now, Agassi is on the #Senior League, but still has an eagle eye and the mind of a #champion. He wrote a 101open102 telling him he has what it takes to win a tenth #FrenchOpen championship, and that 113inspiration114

We won't forget you Andre, even if it's All-Nadal, All-The-Time, now. Go Rafa Go!

Learning to lose gracefully, and being able to admire those that pass you on the field, is the mark of a true champion. 

But we don't forget your achievements, Andre. Nearly two decades on the courts is more than inspiring for us!

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