Is arranged marriage better than love marriage?

I am Evelyn and according to me an arranged marriage is better than a love marriage. In love marriages, partners are constantly trying to impress each other. They are not ready to share their weakness.

In arranged marriages, parents choose our partners, and who knows better than your parents. Here two persons with different mentalities, goals and attitudes are committed to live together. So I think most of the arranged marriages are successful marriages.

I am voting for a different type of arranged marriage- a new version of marriage, not this old school rubbish that goes around where the daughter or son has no say. They should be involved more than anyone as ultimately they are the ones who have to spend their life together. Traditional love is all based on your endorphins and chemical reactions. I guess the relationship should be stood on pillars of logic, respect, compatibility and passion.

In my opinion, the other option is getting your parents involved in your relationship with their will is the best sign of a healthy future. This is one form of an arrange marriage. In such kind of marriage, there is respect and true love.

Arrange marriage with an unknown person is as fruitful as making it arranged. It’s like hidden treasures, the more you explore about your partner, the more it strengthens the love, understanding, feeling and relationship. Most importantly, I feel that people should have a choice to marry by arrangement or live, that’s what matters.