Is politics actually a profession?

I’d love to be a pilot but I have no experience in flying airplanes, though I was a weather forecaster once. But I would gladly take a chance to take the stick on a commercial flight. Would you agree on flying with me?


Why, then we do think that someone can be a president with no training or experience in politics. Does such huge responsibility not call for someone with special, political expertise?

I am John and I agree that professional experience in politics is no guarantee of presidential performance but lack of this experience should not be such a desirable criterion.

A president must understand the criterion, itsprehistory and the core of its values. This requires not only picking passages to buttress arguments but knowing about the tensions which continue today. It demands that the framers worried a lot about the tyranny of majority.

He should be able to think and act strategically, both domestically and internationally. It means that he should know the capability to understand the economic and political relationships.

A president should know how to use power to assemble governing coalitions and should be able to lead a complex bureaucracy. Such capabilities seem seldom examined during election campaigns.

The inability to get things done is a direct result of the design of the Constitution crafted by a president. If we cannot move forward, it means there are systemic problems that need to be addressed because president is lacking in both the political skills and understanding to do so. So It is extremely important to have a well-qualified president.

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