Is 'Rogue One' A Feminist Agenda Movie?

Is 'Rogue One' A Feminist Agenda Movie?

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But is it?

How progressive and feminist is the film? Since the release of the movie feminists around the world have seemingly been split in two camps.

One one hand, people are applauding how Jyn is at no point a damsel in distress; on the other hand, feminists are reeling at the male-dominated cast and calling it out as the worst gender imbalance since the original Star Wars trilogy.

So which is it? Is Star Wars slowly turning a beloved franchise into propaganda film for the female agenda or are we actually seeing a progression in the film industry and how it depicts women?

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Jyn's role in the movie, however, is 100% feminist. For the first time in the franchise, we had a female character that is strong, smart and a natural leader. She is the epitome of a heroine who does not need saving or to be sexed up in skimpy outfits to drive the storyline and appeal to audiences.

This costuming choice is not the only progressive element in the film; there is also none of that romantic sub-plotting we have seen in previous Star Wars films. This is what really stood out for me in the movie and made me love it more. There was no time for kissing and long, lingering looks. 

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chooses to foreclose the possibility of romance, and this is extremely progressive. It shows that a male and female can work together to save the day without feeling the need to lock lips while their comrades are being blown up in the middle of a war zone. 

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