Is the art of oil painting dying a slow and painful death?

I’m Monique, and this is the story about how I lost my favorite painting spot.

Oil painting is a beautiful theme of art that only the talented can master. Oil painting has been highly popular ever since the days of Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, and more. These days, the oil painting is nothing as compared to how it was a few centuries ago. The paintings of those eras are still considered to be masterpieces of today. Why has the quality of oil painters degraded? Is oil painting dying a slow death?

The fact is a lot more paintings are being produced today that they were at any other point in history. With the current trends of art and with people having a lot of time on their hands, painting has become a mainline avocation, similar to photography. Art workshops have become a source of business but it has come at a cost of preferring quantity over quality.

These days, oil painters can be found everywhere. Being from California, I love coming to the beaches for some me-time and come up with ideas to paint. The other day, I was walking to a beach near my house and the scene was so bad. I went to my favorite spot and it was already occupied by someone with another two waiting for him to leave.

While it is true that the art of painting will survive and continue to thrive but incidents like this make me think how the true artists are not getting enough exposure and chances because of people who think ‘painting is cool so even I should try it’.