January 2017 Notes on 'Holding' by Graham Norton

January 2017 Notes on 'Holding' by Graham Norton


Snowy thoughts aside, let's turn our eyes to Ireland, and the fictional town of Duneen in County Cork where our novel this month is based.

Duneen Bay, County Cork

A bit about author Graham Norton can be found here64smut and irreverence

Instead, we all agreed that Norton's descriptions were breathtaking.

92People didn93t pass in Dundeen; it seeped away.94

Itsounds strange to call this dark novel charming, but there you have it. Most of us agreed on that description, something we weren't exactly planning upon opening the book. 

S. mentioned she felt that she was part of the village, putting the pieces of the story together like the village gossip. Irene felt that the characters were too stereotypical. Neil pointed out that at least he story wasn't muddled down with a priest or nun, as so many 'stereotypical' Irish novels are. Neil also felt that the novel was a nice read, but failed to hit hard on any major point. He was left wanting a bit more from the book, and several other members agreed.


Overall our group gave the book 3.5 out of 5 stars. A good start to 2017!

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