Jury still out on 'Uncle Buck', a comedy remade for ABC

Jury still out on 'Uncle Buck', a comedy remade for ABC

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Mike Epps and Nia Long individually bring back immediate memories of movies from my teenage and early adult years. So when I heard that they’re starring together in a new show on ABC, Uncle Buck, I knew I’d be watching and setting the DVR.

Jury still out on 'Uncle Buck', a comedy remade for ABC

The new show, centered on Epps’ character “Uncle Buck”, is a remake of the 80’s movie and short lived sitcom of the same name. When Buck falls on hard times; needing a job and place to stay and his brother and sister in law (played by Nia Long) need help with their kids; they arrange to help each other. Uncle Buck's character is fun-loving (great for kids!) but irresponsible (not so great for kids). So goes the plot, showing us all the ways that Uncle Buck can really screw things up… or does he?

The 30 minute sitcom debuted on June 14th and as I watched it my thoughts were, “Hmmm”. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it; I just knew that it didn’t leave me feeling as if I couldn’t wait for the next episode. I was reluctant to say I didn’t like it, simply because I remembered that I didn’t really care for Blackish all that much at first. These days, it’s one of my favorite shows.

ABC sitcoms are really changing the landscape of what our family TV nights look like, literally. Uncle Buck is just the latest in shows that have a cast predominantly of color. I have to hand it to ABC, as far as scripted shows go, it is the most diverse. They’re not afraid to be a little controversial and create shows with target audiences that begin with a specific cultural group that grows beyond. Take Blackish, Fresh Off the Boat and The Real O’neals for instance. Their formula, in my opinion, is working and respectable.

Last night, two episodes of Uncle Buck premiered and I found myself laughing out loud many times, along with my husband. Mike Epps has great comedic delivery and I found all the characters relatable. It held my attention the entire hour long broadcast, so I feel like it's moving in the right direction.

Not only is Uncle Buck a remake, which is garnering comparison from the fans of the movie; you have another set of potential fans hoping it to be Blackish, which isn’t fair. That’s a lot to live up to for a new comedy, in both respects. The more I watched, the more I liked it.

On Social Media, my friend posted a question asking what people felt about the show and the general consensus was that they’re still trying to figure out if they liked it, but they will support the show through continuing to watch it and DVR it.

Besides, as Malcolm Venable of TV Guide so greatly stated...if shows like “2 Broke Girls” can still be on TV, Uncle Buck should do just fine.

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