Kerala Floods: 324 Killed In Indian State

Kerala Floods: 324 Killed In Indian State

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At least 324 people have been killed in flooding in the southern Indian state of Kerala, the regional chief minister says, reports the BBC.

Rescuers are battling torrential rains to save residents, with more than 200,000 people left homeless in camps.

The state government said many of those who died were crushed under debris caused by landslides.

With more rains predicted and a red alert in place, the main airport has been shut until 26 August.

CNN, however, states a much lower number, 164, for the dead.

The death toll has steadily risen over the past week as rescue workers scramble to reach thousands of people stranded by floodwater. The army, navy and coast guard have been sent in to assist, and fisherman have been asked to help with rescue efforts.

Thirteen of Kerala's 14 districts remain under a red alert, the highest warning level issued during emergencies in India, according to India's National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), which has deployed 53 teams across the state, according to CNN.

Over a thousand personnel from military and disaster authorities are now involved in the rescue mission. Meanwhile, over 100,000 people have been forced to seek shelter in relief camps, NDRF senior commander Rekha Nambiyar told CNN.

Search and rescue efforts have been further complicated by limited transport; railway tracks and roads are too flooded to use, and operations at the international airport in the city of Kochi have been suspended until Saturday.

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