4 traps of the 21st century and how to avoid them

1. The belief that success promoted by the age is tantamount to happiness.
Most people make decisions in their lives based on what others do. Positioning because of the cultural patterns that dominate today, the desire of many people is to collect items and titles. This cult of capitalism is the same trend as the story that thanks to marriage you will be happy or suggesting that success is getting rid of everything. The question that lets you get out of this is: what is happiness for you?
Find your own definition of happiness.

2. Lack of time = diligence.
Nowadays, people boast of a lack of time, as if it was a source of pride and an indicator of an interesting life. Instead of effectively using their working hours, they find additional ones - they work at night, or are constantly associated with work tools (e.g. business mail). Instead of planning well what they want to devote time to, they fill up "free time" with unnecessary things. It will help to tame this training. Instead of being hard-working at certain hours and resting at other times, they drag their responsibilities so that they have the impression of a constant lack of time - because there is so much to do ...
Plan your time consciously. Practice presence and mindfulness, an online personal trainer will help you in this.

3. Belief that being someone means being valuable.
We evaluate others by automated cognitive categories. It's known - it's better. Educated - smarter. More attractive - it's easier in life. Older - more experienced. We have come to a situation in which it is the externally determined factor that relates to a person, not his actual achievements, knowledge or creativity, that defines him. A person's unique value is beyond the collective scheme of the majority, but people don't know it and want to be someone, although they can only be themselves and that is the only value they are looking for.
Check and name what you value in other people.

4. Belief that you can be independent. In the beginning...as children, we depend on our parents. Growing up, we try to be independent, but nowadays it takes various forms of new addictions ... Dependence on the sense of acceptance by others, on artificial social roles and on other people's value systems. Addiction to money and work. A lot of singles lead superficially successful but empty lives. They listened to stories about the independence of their parents living in the Polish mother's model. They don't know that running away from dependence is also a dependence. Meanwhile, we are not alone in the world and we will still be dependent on other factors. The one who accepts his dependencies is independent.
And for you, what is work? What is the money? How will the loss of one or the other affect your plans and self-esteem?

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