Lemonade: My go-to beverage during the scorching summer heat

I always ask this question to the new friends I make – What is your go-to drink during summers?

Most of them usually reply with margaritas or chilled beer or something along those lines. I love seeing their reaction when I reply with “For me, it has always been lemonade and always will be lemonade”.

I’m John, a gym buff who loves his weights and dumbbells. I rarely hop around bars so I never really get that urge to sip alcohol during the sizzling heat of summers though I love my juices and milkshakes.

My love for lemonade is understandable given this simple yet mouth-watering drank has a lot of benefits such as – promotes hydration, an excellent source of Vitamin C, improves the skin quality, supports weight loss, and aids in digestion.

Originally, I began drinking lemonade as my friend had suggested me that lemon helps cool down the body internally but after I researched a bit about lemon and its benefits, I got to know what a wonderful drink lemonade actually is.

I love taking care of myself so I often use lemon to improve the quality of my skin. Being a 27-year-old, I always take precaution with seriousness so I include a healthy amount of lemon content in my diet to reduce the risk of stroke or any cardiovascular disease and also to lower my blood pressure.

Mainly I drink lemonade because it helps in digestion. My morning regime consists of drinking lemonade as a morning laxative as it helps prevent constipation.

These are just some of the ways I use of this amazing yet low-cost drink. I hope others can see the benefits of lemon too.