Life Changing Advices from a Media person  

Life Changing Advices from a Media person  

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I am Jane and people frequently asked me what I’ve learned from the 100s of people I’ve interviewed. In attempting to summarize what they’ve taught me, here are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the last decade of interviewing more than 500 insanely interesting people:

Life Changing Advices from a Media person  

Everybody is faking it - We live in a word that encourages crafting an image that is polished and perfect. There’s no Facebook photo gallery for a person’s inner turmoil. Because our view of a person’s world is unidimensional, we fill in the gaps and construct false images of who they are.

Ego is the enemy of everything you hope to achieve - Ego often derails the promising career of many people. As a result, some of the rising stars usually start rest of their careers lingering in obscurity.

Secrets are the currency of intimacy - There is no one in this world that doesn’t have a secret that we wouldn’t want anybody to know about. But when we find that one person to share that secret l, even if it’s anonymous, we live more freely.

Your temporary circumstances are not your true permanent identity - When something bad happens to us, the effect of it feels permanent. If we’re not careful, a circumstance can become our identity. You can limit what’s possible in your life.

Living a good life requires contribution, connection and vitality - When all these threes bucket is full, we are living a good life.

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