Life is a precious gift that you ought to celebrate with your friends

I’m Monique, a 23-year-old downtown girl whose life is full of funny, fun-filled experiences and albeit scary ones as well.

This story starts with one of my friends who shifted to our apartment a few months ago. She was a new member in the house and she was too shy to interact or initiate a conversation. She loved studying and our intellect level was nothing compared to her, so I initiated a conversation with her by asking for help in my studies which made us get along. Soon after, I introduced her to my friends and we became one happy family in our college. She began to hang out with us, bunk lectures, and more as she tried to join us in everything. We used to get into a lot of mess together.

One of the “funniest” incidents happened on my 21

birthday when we all went to a pub and we were having drinks. As we left the club late, we were walking on the streets and we were caught by a local robber who was trying to rob us by taking advantage of our state. In fact, I was the unfortunate one caught by himas I was the heavily-drunk person in the group. But my friends bailed me out as one of them sneaked in from behind and tied his shoelaces while my new friend threw a stone across the sidewalk to distract them before pepper-spraying him to help me run away from his reach. The robber was unable to stand as every time he would get up and try to run, he would trip after every 2 steps. This was one of the most thrilling yet hilarious incidents of my life and what this taught me was every friendship is precious and together we are all stronger.