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He's the first hemophiliac to summit Mt. Everest

The first person with severe hemophilia to climb to the top of the tallest mountain in the world just summited this morning,

For those with chronic and life-threatening diseases, this is a watershed moment
Image of Chris Bombardier from his Facebook page

Here's a few words from his page 

For every child who has been told no due to their bleeding disorder.
For every patient wondering when his next dose of life-saving clotting factor will be.
For every family who has plans derailed by hemophilia.
For every parent who goes to bed in agony not understanding how to treat their child’s disorder.
For every hemophiliac athlete who waits in quiet hesitation out of fear of injury.
For all of us overcoming the impossible.
This mountain is for you.

If you're interested to join the movement to increase awareness of this incurable condition of being unable to stop bleeding, and to help sufferers get the treatment they need, check out

This is what a true champion of the world looks like. We salute you, Chris Bombardier!

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