Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'

Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'

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Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'

Another Marvel comic character comes to life with the latest blockbuster, Venom. The astonishing story spins a web of the most hazardous creature housing itself in a human body. The end product is a devil in disguise, but the killer instincts show up only when it encounters nefarious criminals.

The dormant beast within the human body emerges in the most hair-raising way. The aftermath of rubbing him the wrong way is enough to destroy the whole planet. Keep your fingers crossed as the creature is on the prowl and catastrophe is just around the corner, lest the fury of the symbiote is kindled.

Eddie Brock: The journalist on a downswing

Eddie Brock's professional life is ebbing. He is on the verge of a dwindling career. The unfortunate downfall has become the ugliest truth of his life. It is the aftermath of a scandal that refuses to be erased from the book of his life. Eddie desperately wants to save his career at any cost. He seeks help from all quarters of the world but nothing seems to fall in place despite his efforts.

The desperation lands him in the premises of Life Foundation, a secret scientific organization which specializes in conducting scientific experiments which could revolutionize the future of the world. Although Eddie has gone there to seek their help, his life is totally transformed after the visit. Watch Venom 2018 online and since the storm brewing.

Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'
Venom: Credit: Screen Rant
Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'
Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'
Venom: Credit: Screen Rant
Marvel League's Newest Superhero 'Venom'

A life-changing event

It is purely coincidental that a symbiote is also there, albeit in captivity. Symbiotes are special creatures which can house themselves in another creature's body and together they can form an amazing entity with astounding power potential. The whole universe lies at the mercy of the deadly combination as a snap of its finger can catalyze a catastrophe. Something similar happens to Eddie. He is the chosen one and the symbiote enters his body without the poor man's knowledge.

Eddie is Venom

A series of astonishing events which display the newly acquired nonpareil power of the journalist drills the sense into Eddie that he is no longer a solely human creature. His body now is an abode to another being which is more powerful than him. The after-effects are felt far and wide in the city. More so in among the vile elements of the underworld who are scared to prowl at night due to the advent of a new creature called Venom. Ready to watch movie online and support Marvel's new superhero in action.

The fearsome twosome

The whole underworld is reeling under the effect. Eddie, unaware of the miracle at first slowly gets used to a voice within himself and a totally distinct opinion on controversial topics rising from his inner core. The twosome which seems to be one to the world is all out to bring the anti-social elements and the outlaws to their rightful place. A perilous mission ensues which brings the crooks to the book.

Needless to say, Eddie now has a new career-to cleanse the world of the notorious criminals. He and his symbiote half carry on the good work with elan for years to come.

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