'Mind blowing corruption' to keep Russia from Rio

The World Anti-Doping Agency just concluded their doping investigation of #Russia and they are recommending the #IOC to ban all Russian athletes from the 2016 #Summer #Olympics in #RioDeJaneiro.

The evidence against Russia is damning, and the 97 page report highlights a state directed doping practice and cover-up in which a total of 312 tests were falsified between 2011 and last summers Swimming World Championship.

--A fairly accurate representation of #Putin

59In the face of such evidence of state-sponsored subversion of anti-doping processes

Some countries and athletes will benefit from Russian negligence, #NewZealand rowers and cyclists are back to work training having finished just short of qualifying for the summer games.


Race walker from #Canada Inaki Gomez didn't hold back either, slamming Russia and questioning their ability to hold international sporting events, which could prove an interesting twist to the story as Russia is set top host the 2018 #WorldCup.

The IOC board is set to meet and discuss their options, it's likely that a nation wide Olympics ban will soon follow.