Mueller Hoax Ends No Collusion and No Obstruction.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Has Submitted The Results Of His 2+ Year WitchHunt To AG Barr. No Further Indictments, No Collusion, and No Obstruction. Attorney General Barr Released The Letter Below (More from AG Barr by Sunday). Washinton's Rep. Eric Swalwell Rep Adam "Full of" Schiff, Rep Jerry Nadler Will Go down In History As The Biggest Demagogues In The History Of United States politics. These Democratic Political Operatives Ran 2+Years Of Lies And False Narratives That Enabled FakeNews Across CNN, NBC, ABC, Huff poo, and all the other purveyors of fantasy which Has Torn America Apart. Mueller's Hoax, "Spying On A Presidential Campaign" Weaponized By Hillary Clinton, The FBI, and The DOJ Has Been Government Overreach On An Unprecedented Scale. All For Low-Level Process Crimes. MSNBC's X CIA John Brennan and James Clapper along with FBI's James Comey and Andrew McCabe are in HOT Water.  This Will Boomerang.

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