My Art of Styling Short Hair

If you are wondering how to style your short hair, let me help you with it today with the easiest hairstyle ever. I take 10 minutes to fix my short hair including the time of blow-drying.

After taking shower, I blow dry my hair. Then I straighten them by using a mini flat iron. This straightening tool is such a bliss in my life and it has made my life easier. It’s a perfect choice for people with short hair.

In the next step, I use the volumizing hair powder to my roots as well as to the back of my hair to add an extra volume to it. It actually bounces my hair magically. Then I just fluff my hair with the use of fingers. I continue fluffing it until I achieve the look I want to create.

Lastly, I add a hair fixing spray to keep my hair in place. It holds my hair for a long time keeping it bouncy and stylish for the whole day.

I have short hair since a very long time. Actually, it’s from the age of 16. Since then, it has been short and I love my hair. I am getting compliments everyday for my haircut. People around me ask to take pictures of my hair. And let me tell you that it is the easiest hairstyle for all the short hair ladies out there.