My Dad's Girlfriend Is Younger Than Me :o

Hey I'm Jessica and three weeks ago,
my dad told me he had found a new girlfriend named Jenny.
I was so excited for him because after my parent's divorce,
he was really depressed.
So it was about time he moved on and found new happiness
But then he dropped a HUGE bombshell
he said Jenny was moving in with us because
she couldn't afford to pay rent while she was going to COLLEGE
My jaw dropped, "WHAT?"
I asked my dad how old Jenny was
He said 21. TWENTY-ONE!?
I'm twenty- THREE, What kind of dad wants to date a girl
younger than his own daughter?
I was so creeped out but I did not say anything.
I mean, who am I to tell my dad how he should live his life?
The next day, Jenny arrived at our home with a BIG suitcase
My dad opened the door and they immediately started kissing.
It was so gross, I had to look away because Jenny had her hands on my dad's a*s. UGH
After they had finished, Jenny took a look at her home and said,
"Yah, I guess is okay, for now"
Wow! What a b*tch!
And then next day while eating dinner she told me
"I am so glad your dad takes care of me
I could never have a job while going to school.
College is really hard, you know?"
UGH! Geez! This made me angry
because when I went to college, my dad made me get a part-time job
because he INSISTED I pay in rent. He said it was 'character building."
I never complained because I knew my dad had lots of debt
and I wanted to make things easier for him
But then Jenny started talking about how my dad
bought her a new $15,00 car
And then that's when I lost ALL respect for my dad
Couldn't he see she was only using him for his money?
She was rude, self-absorbed, and selfish
I wish my dad could see what she was really like and evil
but, it soon became clear that she was going to stay.
For example, she's ALWAYS asking my dad to take her to Hawaii
She talks about how it's the most beautiful island in the world
and it will really be romantic
but, I know she only wants to take pictures for her Instagram
THEN, there was the time she wore MY SHIRT!
I wanted to SLAP her but I managed to stay polite
I told her, "That's my shirt. You can wear it today if you would like
but I need it back and please wash it first.
I'd really appreciate it."
But she just laughed and said,
"This old rag? I should have guessed it was yours.
Your dad would never but me something so cheap."
AGHHH!!! She hates me just as much as I hate her!
And I'm pretty certain she uses my body lotion and shampoo too.
The really nice and expensive stuff I order online
She behaves as if dad's apartment is HERS!
and, maybe it is.
I mean why am I living here anyway?
My job pays me enough for me to get my own place
and my dad doesn't have time for me anymore.
So, maybe I'm just the annoying adult daughter who won't move out of her dad's home.
Maybe Jenny would be nicer if I wasn't living here anymore.
Well, that's why I'm searching for my own apartment now.
The thought of living on my own was scary at first
but, I asked my best friend to move in with me,
she said yes and we are planning on having lots of cool movie nights
and maybe even go on some double dates together.
I'm really looking forward to it.
So, I guess my advice to you is, don't be afraid to change.