My Disagreements with the Near-Total Abortion Ban

With many states restricting abortions, Alabama announced a near-total ban on abortion, overturning the Roe v. Wade policy of protecting and legalizing the procedure. I have some strong opinions about the decision. The decision of implementing anti-abortion laws is unconstitutional. Imposing restrictions on abortions can have serious implications in the long run, and it’s unjust for women. Besides, this seems unfair for sensitive issues like rape or incest.

As per the announcement, abortions can only be practiced when the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Since Alabama is a Republican-led state, the bill might come into effect despite severe backlashes. The most alarming aspect of the bill is the fact that it makes no exception for rape or incest, charging the offender with Class A felony. Also, a doctor performing such acts would be at risk of facing imprisonment up to 99 years.

Although the chances of the bill coming into effects are highly debatable. The decision of a near-total ban on abortions has sparked vehement protests from women’s rights activists for its undemocratic nature. Not only does it attack women’s rights but also make them a puppet of the state.

As a parent, I understand the pro-life philosophy. But the concern here is not birth but whether we support life. When it comes to birth, there are several considerations to make, and factors like health care access and security cannot be compromised on any ground.