My Disastrous Public Speech

I am Arthur. I had been a marketing director for a Television Station; I became a speaker in demand. The first presentation I ever agreed to do was on how to give an effective presentation for the students of MBA. However, having never done any public speech, I was quite nervous.

My husband helped me rehearse several times until I felt prepared. I decided to make notes on index cards. Finally, the day arrived; my husband took the day off from his job to accompany me, knowing I was still very anxious. I remember my heart was pounding very fast.

When I was introduced on the podium, I grabbed my cards, began walking up the five steps to the stage. I clumsily tripped and my cards went flying everywhere. There was a nervous laughter among the people, I gathered my cards and to my horror I realized that I had failed to number them. I took my place at the podium, steeled my nerves and began with the first lesson of how to give an effective presentation. I said that make sure to number your notecards. Everyone relaxed and we all laughed.

I continued with the lesson number 2 that rehearse and know your subject matter so cards are unnecessary. Thankfully I had rehearsed enough and thoroughly knew that I was talking about to give a really good presentation.

I received a standing ovation and several students thought that I had planned the notecard drop as a brilliant way to begin with the presentation.