My first experience spotting my friend in the gym

I’m John, a part time gym instructor who has been working out for quite some time now. It has been just 3 years since I’ve been a professional gym instructor but I have been working out with my friend for the past 7 years.

I still remember the first day I spotted him. For those of you who don’t know, spotting means assisting your partner in performing exercises if they are unable to do the movements in proper form.

He was a thin lad who had just begun working out after seeing me get substantial results. I got him warmed up with a 1 mile run before telling him to do some pushups.

Since it was his first day, I suggested him to do mostly cardio and compound movements. I taught him how to do squats, assisted pull-ups, and more. He did all these after some struggle but with adrenaline pumping, he wanted me to give him more challenging exercises.

I told him to take it easy on his first day, but he started mocking me with the motivational quotes like “No pain, no gain”. So I gave him challenging exercises to do like including lunges, planks, and deadlifts.

As deadlift is one of the toughest exercises, I told him to do with very less weight but he found it too easy so he added more weight. By the end of the third set, he couldn’t take it anymore and he puked. He puked so much that the gym owner came and shouted at him. He also got a warning that if this repeats, he won’t be allowed in the gym.

As tough as it was, I couldn’t control my laughter and I burst out laughing. To this day, I still mock his first day in a gym even though he has managed to become more bulky and shredded now.