My Journey into the World of Music

My journey into music started when I was too young. I belong from a musical background. My parents are trained artists and my grandfather is a piano teacher. My parents have a huge collection of videos of some amazing orchestras. I used to watch these videos and conduct along with these masters with my facial expressions. As I was growing up, these conductors became my superheroes. At the age of three, I started conducting variations with different orchestras. This is how I was introduced to music. But my parents wanted to provide a deeper knowledge in the field of music.

I started taking cello classes and while learning I started feeling and enjoying the music. I used to love the beautiful sound made by cello. I loved performing on stage and I practiced hard to convey my thoughts through the music.

By continuous practice, I started developing my technical skills to ensure that there’s no restriction in expressing my soul which is the true meaning of music. After much experience in playing cello, I realized that the true and real meaning of music comes from those listening to it. They understand the story behind the music and become truly inspired. After cello, I started exploring various other genres of music.

Music is an important part of my life but by experience and knowledge I’ve realized that it’s real power lies in it’s ability to enhance other people’s lives.