My Journey of Silence

Our prime minister announced that his government would introduce new consent based on the laws of rape. His statement made me cry immediately. It reminded me of my battle and my journey that I have been on for almost two years. A journey which began on a scary night when I was raped.

I wasn’t raped by some stranger but a close friend of mine. I was raped in a house where I thought I am completely safe. I went to his flat for studies, he came into my room and asked for sex. As soon as I refused, he got into my bed, choked my throat, drowned me into bed and raped me.

The next morning, I was in a complete state of shock. It took me a full whole week to say the word 'rape'. After few days, I struggled somehow to report the incident to the police. However, on my second visit to the police station they warned me that I will be in prison if I was lying. They asked questions about the physical evidence repeatedly that I had resisted. At one point of time, I stopped approaching them, as it was just increasing my pain.

The worst part of my experience was made by the police as well as the judge who asked for the evidence of physical violence. On my opinion, this focus reflects the fact that our law still does not define rape on the basis of consent. Instead, the definition of rape is based on physical violence or the victim is found to have been unable to resist.