My Opinion on LGBT Community

My Opinion on LGBT Community

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My Opinion on LGBT Community

I am Jane and I want to say it upfront that I have accepted that I’m limited in my understanding that on certain topics and I have to depend on others to provide me with the voice of their community. While I can say I have deep compassion for them, I can only sympathize with what they’ve gone through. I read the story of Elisa and Ven which broke the Internet. I read her journey for years as she has lived in secrets, was scrutinized by tabloids for not adhering to the type of gender expression we expect of a biological male.

She has brought a fresh and much-required voice to the transgender community. Both Elisa and Ven had a major impact on others, on how society views the transgender community.

Everyone is unique in terms of how they express themselves and this community is no longer different. For us to expect transgender women to express their gender in a way that subscribes to our societies, gender norms are oppressive.

If Elisa had been a man, we would look talk about her athleticism and business skills but now that she is a woman, her looks are all we care about. Until we are able to identify our own expectations of gender and the varying forms of emotion, when those expectations are not met, we will not be able to embrace the Trans community.

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