My secret tips to be active even in the scorching summer heat

I’m Evelyn, a housewife who loves her family. I have 2 kids who love summer just as much as I do. But as a mom, I cannot emphasize more on how alert I have to be especially during summers so that my kids are also healthy and active (even though I slumber on my bed all afternoon!).

I read a lot, not just the romantic best-sellers, I’m not your normal ‘reader’. I love reading all sorts of books especially when they are related to food. The other day I came across this amazing book my mother used to talk about. Maybe that book is the reason why I’m so full of energy even during the scorching heat of summers (apart from the fact that I’m awesome during every weather… just kidding!).

I found some tips that I’m trying to implement on my kids to make sure they spend a healthy and playful summer break without any issues.
  • Grab seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Always keep yourself hydrated
  • Prefer eating more cooling foods
  • Downsize your meals as larger meals will require more time to digest
  • Binge on lighter snacks
  • Always choose fresh fruit juices over cold drinks
  • As cliché as it sounds, hygiene is the key. I mean, you wouldn't eat a fruit directly after plucking it from the tree like Tarzan, right

    You should make sure that anything you or your kids eat or drink on is hygienic. During summers, we are prone to get bacterial infections from the utensils at not just restaurants but even at our homes so you should ensure the utensils are clean and you wash your hands both before and after eating.