My story of being a healthy Mom  

My story of being a healthy Mom  

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I am a beach loving California native who is living in London. I am Evelyn and I’m recently a new mom and wife to a wonderful husband. I have a serious passion for cooking, nutrition and living in all around healthier life.

My story of being a healthy Mom  

Most of my life, I have been an overweight person. When I moved to London in 18 I was young and excited to be living on my own. I started eating processed junk treating my body badly. After sometime going through a number of bad relationships, becoming severely obese, I thought that I'd had enough and about 6 years ago I began studying nutrition and the basics of a healthy lifestyle. I started following healthy regime of books but ended again with the same old pattern of eating unhealthy food.

The Straw broke after having my son. About 9 months after having him, my health took a run for worst and I realized the importance of a healthier mom to my son. So it was here where my true health journey began. It’s been a difficult journey but it’s worth every hurdle I’ve had to jump to make myself and my family healthier.

Healthy diet is not just about weight loss, it’s about giving a proper nutrition to your body especially when you are a new mom. I know my journey is far from over and every day is a step closer to my goal.

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